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Name: 엄홍식 [Eom Hong Sik/Uhm Hong Sik]
Stage Name: 유아인 [Yoo Ah In]
(+) Pros: Great actor & model, deep thinker, talented poet, sharp writer, a chameleon ~Gorgeous face is a bonus.
(-) Cons: sharp tongue, outspoken, daring, too honest ~In short: True to himself.
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Yoo Ah=in ~ THE CLASS 2014 Fall Lookbook

Source: Yoo Ah in International FB

Yoo Ah=in ~ THE CLASS 2014 Fall Lookbook

Source: Yoo Ah in International FB

[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In is Chic And Sleek in THE CLASS 2014 FALL Look Book


Yoo Ah In and THE CLASS is back for the Fall season, and this time they’re teasing us with his sleek and casual to the groom-to-be style.

THE CLASS Fall Look Book was revealed yesterday with several nice photos of our Master Sik in suit. And of course, as always, Yoo Ah In looks so good in black. And we lurve his new hairstyle as well.

We believe this is just a teaser, and we are expecting more…

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Yoo Ah In Instagram & Twitter Update 2014.08.02~08.16: Sharing Love


So after he posted his photo with model Park Hyeongseop on the first day of August, Yoo Ah In was online again on 2nd August and posted a photo of his self-designed eco bag Nohant “Love City” in his instagram. The photo was taken in Central Park, New York. He commented and put hashtags like this: #nohant #newkidz in neㅠyork.

Yoo Ah In also took a photo of a fakeNohant shirt copied from his…

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Yoo Ah In to Hold An Exclusive Birthday Fanmeet in October


Yes, SIKseekers! Finally after 3 years Master Sik is going to hold a fan meeting again! This time the fan meeting is held to celebrate his birthday too.

But good news always comes with a not so good news. The good news is: this is a FREE fan meeting, no charges at all. The not so good news is: it’s an exclusive fan meeting, which means only selected people from Ainese(Yoo Ah In’s Korean fans…

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Yoo Ah-in - Philips VisaPure Men Fansigning Event 13th August 2014

Source: YAI International FB

Yoo Ah-in ~ Sado, Memory of Eight Days movie shooting

Source: YAI International FB

[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Philips Fansigning With Yoo Ah In 2014.08.13


Yoo Ah In took off his false beard and sageuk costume from Sado, and changed to a casual boyish style at the Philips VisaPure Men Product Launch & Fansigning Event at Yeouido IFC Mall, August 13th.

Only 50 fans had a chance to get his signature through a lucky draw because he had to go back to the shooting location at the same day. This is Philips second fansign event with Yoo Ah In after August…

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[PHOTOS] First Glance On Yoo Ah In As Crown Prince Sado: Welcome Back, Sexy Beard!


Peeking…Who is this?

Let’s thank Master Sik’s Korean fans and the movie staff who did a good deed to all fans around the world, by sharing the BTS photos, so that now that we can catch a glimpse of Yoo Ah In’s new look as the Crown Prince Sado in Sado, Memory of Eight Days.

The photos were taken on August 1st, at Sado filming set in Buan. Yoo Ah In’s fansclub, Ainsunflower, threw a big lunch…

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[PHOTOS] Instagram Update 140801: Yoo Ah In Continues With Nohant, Posing With Hyeongseop


After reaping the huge success with his self-designed t-shirt Nohant’s New Kidz “Love City”, Yoo Ah In continues working as the guest designer for Nohant Men FW14 Collection and rubs shoulders with Korea’s own world model Park Hyeong Seop.

Hyeongseop has graced the world’s fashion capitals from Paris to Milan, and now he becomes the model for the emerging local fashion brand Nohant.

Yoo Ah In…

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Yoo Ah-in, July 2014


[PHOTOS & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Instagram/Twitter Update July 2014


News reported that Yoo Ah In suffered from minor injury during the filming of Sado, Memory of Eight Days this month, but fear not, Master Sik is just fine now. He even had some chills with his besties admiring the view of Dongho Bridge over the Han River while he was not shooting the movie.

July is both a hard-working and chillax month altogether for Yoo Ah In. The schedule for Sado’s filming…

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