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People said they have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough.

Name: 엄홍식 [Eom Hong Sik/Uhm Hong Sik]
Stage Name: 유아인 [Yoo Ah In]
(+) Pros: Great actor & model, deep thinker, talented poet, sharp writer, a chameleon ~Gorgeous face is a bonus.
(-) Cons: sharp tongue, outspoken, daring, too honest ~In short: True to himself.
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[VIDEO & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Sends A Message to Song Joong Ki Before Enlistment

The Bromance is up again! It’s sure an on-off relationship between KBS 2010 ‘Best Couple’ Winner…

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This story is dedicated by Sikseekers Admin G to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of SIKSEEKLAND 12th June 2013! Rejoice, everyone!

Audience Rate: PG

DISCLAIMER: This Fanfic was written using backgrounds from “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Jang Ok Jung, Live In…

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Yoo Ah-in & Song Joong-ki ~ Instax photo & culture images


[VID] MBC Secret No.1: Entertainment Rival - Yoo Ah In vs Song Joong Ki [2012.08.14]

[VID] Arirang Showbiz Korea: Fan autograph event of handsome guys Song Joong-gi & Yoo Ah-in [ENG SUBS]

[HD VID] Yoo Ah In & Song Joong Ki ~ Instax Fansigning event

Source: JTBC

Yoo Ah In & Song Joong Ki ~ Instax brochure

Source: Fuji Film

Yoo Ah In & Song Joong Ki ~ Best Click ~ Instax Fansigning

[Y-STARNEWS] Yoo Ah In & Song Joong Ki Instax Fansigning 

[HD] 13 mins-length Instax fanmeeting with Yoo Ah-in & Song Joong-ki


[FANCAM-HQ] Yoo Ah-in & Song Joong-ki Instax Fansigning 120714

Yoo Ah-in & Song Joong-ki ~ Instax fansigning event [9]

Source: From_white