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Name: 엄홍식 [Eom Hong Sik/Uhm Hong Sik]
Stage Name: 유아인 [Yoo Ah In]
(+) Pros: Great actor & model, deep thinker, talented poet, sharp writer, a chameleon ~Gorgeous face is a bonus.
(-) Cons: sharp tongue, outspoken, daring, too honest ~In short: True to himself.
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Secret Love Affair OST CD is Out for Preorder + KBS FM Classic Live Performance 140722


Secret Love Affair OST which includes all the background music, opening and ending credits is out now for preorder via Yesasia, ahead of the official release date which is July 24. You can check the track list in yesasia or here:

밀회 OST (JTBC TV 드라마)

01. Opening Credits – 이남연
02. J.S. Bach Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I No.1 Prelude in C major, BWV 846 중
Tchaikovsky The Seasons Op.37 ‘The April…

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Yoo Ah In is Well-Prepared For Sado: “I Have Faith In It”


Previously reported that Sado was holding a Gosa ceremony and the first script reading on July 8 in Namwon, Jeollado, the film distributor Showbox released the photo of first script reading today.

In this picture, Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In look fierce and very immersed in their roles as King Yeongjo and Crown Prince Sado.

Angst away, Master Sik. Angst away!

Sado, Memory of Eight Days (Sado)…

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KBS Classic FM to Perform Secret Love Affair OST Live, CD Out July 22


(screencapped by DC)

Prior to the release of Secret Love Affair OST CD (that will include all the background music scores in the drama) scheduled on July 22, KBS Classic FM for the World Music Program will deliver live music from Secret Love Affair original soundtracks in honor of the drama’s music director PD Lee Nam Yeon, Monday, July 21, from 6 to 8 pm KST (GMT+8).

Pianist Song Young Min, the…

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Secret Love Affair Review: And No One Knows It’s Love But Us

“And no one knows it is love but us”


Novelist and SBS PD Lee Jeiku started his weekly column on July 3rd where he evaluates the recent movies and dramas which attract the attention of many, recalls the storyline, their distinctive dialogues, and the scriptwriters’ insight. The first drama being evaluated, which just ended on May, is Secret Love Affair.

“How you could tell I’ve really gone…

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Yoo Ah In & Hwan Jung Min Battle to Spark, Veteran Cranks Up


After four months of exhausted filming, the crime-thriller movie Veteran officially cranked up on June 30. The movie’s wrap party was just held last night, July 8. Yoo Ah In was reported came to the party with his representative.

Helmed by the 2013 blockbuster Berlin movie director Ryu Seung Wan, Veteran cranked in March 16, and the final filming involved a large-scale fight scene on June 30 in…

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While he was not busy with the shooting, Yoo Ah In made to post several interesting stuff on SNS during the last ten days of June . Good to know that he still had time for some rest!

Let’s take a look on them one by one~

On Sunday morning June 20, Yoo Ah In posted his own selfie, smiling widely while lying on a mattress on the wood floor with sunglasses up on his head. Looks like he was…

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[UPDATE] Veteran to Premiere October, Sado Starts Shooting July 8


Veteran wrapped the filming up on July 1st before the sunrise, and Director Ryu Seung Wan said on one of his interviews that the premiere date will be sometimes around October or the second half of 2014.

 With his stuntman at Veteran shooting site, June 30 (credit: stuntman instagram)

Apparently besides the screen test and the script examination that we’ve reported on 26th June, Sadoheld the…

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Yoo Ah-in & Shin Min-ah ~ mise en scene (Mijangsen) 2014 CF


[VIDEOS & PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In Got Smitten by Shin Min Ah in Mise En Scene New 2014 CF


So, having a couple sexy dance in the mise-en-scene trailer with Shin Min Ah a while ago, Yoo Ah In continues his sexy dance moves with Shin Min Ah in the mise en scène (Mijangsen) Official 2014 CF that was just released on July 1st.

In addition to that, the brand released the Making Of video which shows the cute chemistry between the two stars. Yoo Ah In plays a Casanova got smitten by the sexy…

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Yoo Ah-in & Shin Min-ah ~ mise en scene (mijangsen) 2014 CF and BTS 60 secs

Yoo Ah-in ~ Interview on High Cut Vol.121 i-tune version


[PHOTOS & FULL INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In’s Interview on High Cut Vol.121 [part 2]

So many things happened during the last 3 months, from  catching up with weekly Secret Love Affair updates, to launching Sikseekers Supporting Project for Secret Love Affair, to more updates after Secret Love Affair. Because of that, we totally forgot that we still haven’t published High Cut Interview Part 2 yet!

In case you miss it, here’s Yoo Ah In’s High Cut Photos & Interview Part Ithat we…

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